NEW BOOK - Den Of Snakes

Two brothers. One running from justice. The other running from himself.

MARBELLA, SPAIN, 1985. A time of excesses, greed and deceit. A place of corruption, betrayal and violence.

Two brothers cross paths after a decade apart. Eddie Lawson – the Falklands War veteran tormented by his past and desperate for solace. Charlie, his older sibling – a villain on the run, living the high life with the rest of his crew but all too aware that the heavy hand of justice is but one misstep away.

Can the two brothers reconcile their differences and rekindle their childhood bond to save each other from a litany of threats? Or will the dark temptations of ‘The Costa del Crime’ be the end of them and everyone they care about?


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When an old-time English drug smuggler and his crew meet their end in a bloody shoot-out on the Costa del Sol, it's of little concern to most. After all, gangsters get killed. It's what happens in their line of work. Allegiances change. Men die. It's the way of things.

However, when Mary Lawson a.k.a. 'The Accountant', a former MI6 agent turned independent contractor to the mob, is instructed by her shady bosses to investigate, things quickly get a lot more complicated.

Hardened by her years in British military intelligence and ruthlessly professional, the woman who is no stranger to death and suffering, sets out to find who is responsible. But on the 'Costa del Crime' with its regular influx of millions of tourists, a history of political corruption, and a diverse and thriving criminal underworld, nothing is ever simple.

The father that deserted his family. The prodigal daughter, fallen from grace. A hoard of devious, manipulating and violent characters. And an unfortunate British tourist who gets caught up in the middle of the whole bloody mess.

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