Illustrated portrait of Damian VargasDamian Vargas is an emerging author of action thrillers with a vein of dark humour.

Damian is a self-exiled Brit, living and working in Spain on the Costa del Sol. A child of the 1970s and 1980s, he was brought up on an entertainment diet of intrepid adventure novels, gritty crime dramas, epic war stories and low-budget British science fiction television.

Experiencing everyday life in southern Spain opened his eyes to the dark underworld that occurs (mostly) beyond the view of the annual influx of British and other holidaymakers. The regular criminal goings-on, coupled with the rich tapestry of life and stunning locations on ‘the Costa’, sparked a firm desire to write fast-paced action stories.

His first book, ‘Six Hard Days in Andalusia‘, is the first of these. Others are already in progress and several more planned. His motto is “Wisdom Comes To Those Who Stray”. He has a love for indie/punk rock in dank seedy venues, a fascination with the number ’27’, has met three billionaires in his life, and harbours an intense dislike of spiders.

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