A Dark Place - a psychological thriller by Damian Vargas


A psychological thriller by Damian Vargas.

They escaped justice in 1945.
They thought they were safe.
But vengeance has found them.


When Jesus Garcia, a detective in the Guardia Civil, is woken one night by a phone call from the Chief of Police, he has the horrible feeling that he is about to lose everything he has ever worked for.

The man tells Garcia that there has been a murder and that a teenage boy, the son of one of the town’s most influential Germans, has been abducted. Garcia, who had been due to retire that same week after thirty years as a policeman, is left under no doubt that if he fails to resolve the case quickly, it will be more than his retirement that is at stake.

Suspicion quickly falls upon a British man – a retired businessman and WW2 veteran, who had bought a villa in the pueblo just a few months previous. The man, Harry Blackman, certainly seems to have his secrets and plenty of motivation to have committed the deed, but he’s not the only one.

The story jumps between three different timelines and follows the detective, the British man and a Norwegian woman who Blackman had hired to help him with his property project.

Working against an impossibly tight deadline – the imminent arrival of the infamous secret police later that evening – Garcia must draw upon all his experience and cunning to get to the bottom of the dark events.

There are shadowy forces at play in the village, but also from afar in the capitals of Madrid and London, and the more Garcia digs, the murkier things become. Fighting against his well-honed instincts to stay out of the firing line, he must do everything possible to save the abducted boy before time runs out.

Coming May 2021

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Approx. 90,000 words
8-10 hours reading

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Den Of Snakes book cover


An action-thriller by Damian Vargas.

Two brothers.
One running from justice.
The other running from his past.

MARBELLA, 1985. A time of excess and greed. A place of corruption, betrayal and violence.

Former paratrooper, Eddie Lawson, had done many things in his life of which he was not proud. Still, the tormented Falklands war veteran had always kept the promise he had made to his devoted mother on her death bed – don’t ever be a criminal.

Estranged from his wife and daughter, and destitute, he hitchhikes his way to southern Spain to find the brother he has not seen for a decade. All he wants is to borrow some travel money so that he can join up with a mercenary unit in Africa. It’s the closest he can get to being a real soldier again. When he arrives, he finds his brother living the high-life. Charlie has a luxury villa, fast cars, and throws lavish parties – the product, he says, of his “multiple business ventures”. But all is not as it seems.

Eddie quickly learns that his brother is a villain on the run from the British police. He is living on his ill-gotten gains with the rest of his crew, but all too aware that the heavy hand of justice is but one misstep away. And his money is running out.

Torn between a rekindled kinship with his brother and the promise that he made to his mother, can Eddie navigate the dark temptations of ‘The Costa del Crime’ or will he follow his brother’s descent into the criminal underworld?

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Approx. 125,000 words
10-12 hours reading

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A debut novel by Damian Vargas.

A worn-out gangster who seeks redemption before he meets his maker.

When an old-time British villain and his crew meet their end in a bloody shoot-out on the Costa del Sol, it’s of little concern to most. After all, gangsters get killed. It’s what happens in their line of work. Allegiances change. Men die. It’s the way of things.

However, when Mary Lawson a.k.a. ‘The Accountant’, a former MI6 agent turned independent contractor to the mob, is instructed by her shady bosses to investigate, things quickly get a lot more complicated. Hardened by her years in British military intelligence and ruthlessly professional, the woman who is no stranger to death and suffering, sets out to find who is responsible.

The ‘Costa del Crime’ with its regular influx of millions of tourists, a history of political corruption, and a diverse and thriving criminal underworld, nothing is ever simple.

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Approx. 98,000 words
8-10 hours reading

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But She Smiled At Me - book cover

But She Smiled At Me

A short story by Damian Vargas.

When she smiled at him as she walked past on that wet Berlin street, Jon Quennell fell instantly, madly in love. Sometimes, however, being ‘crazy in love’ with someone doesn’t end in a beautiful romance. Sometimes people get hurt. And sometimes, people die.

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Approx. 9,200 words
1 hours reading

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