Den Of Snakes

An action thriller by Damian Vargas.

Two brothers.
One running from justice.
The other running from himself.

MARBELLA, SPAIN, 1985: a time of excesses, greed and deceit. A place of corruption, betrayal and violence.

Two brothers cross paths after a decade apart. Eddie Lawson – the Falklands War veteran tormented by his past and desperate for solace. Charlie, his older sibling – a villain on the run, living the high life with the rest of his crew but all too aware that the heavy hand of justice is but one misstep away.

Can the two brothers reconcile their differences and rekindle their childhood bond to save each other from a litany of threats? Or will the dark temptations of The Costa del Crime be the end of them and everyone they care about?

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Release date: June 23rd 2020 (paperback & Kindle)

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Approx. 125,000 words
10-12 hours reading

£9.99 (paperback)
£2.99 (Kindle eBook)

Six Hard Days in Andalusia

A debut novel by Damian Vargas.

A worn-out gangster who seeks redemption before he meets his maker.

The prodigal daughter who has fallen from grace. A corrupt mayor bent on building a criminal empire, and who has the local police and politicians in his pocket. A bitter ex-pat who comes across the scene of a drug deal gone wrong. And an unfortunate English tourist who gets caught up in the middle of the whole bloody mess.

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Exclusively available on Amazon (in all country stores)

Approx. 98,000 words
8-10 hours reading

£9.99 (paperback)

£2.99 (Kindle eBook)

The Woman Who Smiled

A short story by Damian Vargas.

When she smiled at him as she walked past on that wet Berlin street, Jon Quennell fell instantly, madly in love. Sometimes, however, being ‘crazy in love’ with someone doesn’t end in a beautiful romance. Sometimes people get hurt. And sometimes, people die.

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Approx. 9,200 words
1 hours reading

£0.00 (Kindle eBook)

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