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The Woman Who Smiled

When she smiled at him as she walked past on that wet Berlin street, Jon Quennell fell instantly, madly in love. Sometimes, however, being ‘crazy in love’ with someone doesn’t end in a beautiful romance. Sometimes people get hurt. And sometimes, people die.




CHAPTER ONE – Monday evening


Jon Quinnell laid half-dressed and face-down atop of his large hotel bed, trying as hard as he could to ward off the overwhelming fear that he may just have made the biggest mistake of his life.

Her face had been that of a stranger, but her smile had seemed to have known him for an eternity. He had never seen a smile such as that before; a smile that had made him feel like his heart had melted, and like his lungs had filled with helium. His pulse had accelerated faster than a Ferrari exiting a pit lane. The world around him had, in that instant, faded to black. He could recall no sounds, no movement, and no other people.

And yet he had not stopped. He had carried on walking past the beautiful woman with bright blue eyes, dark red hair, and the most amazing smile he had ever seen.

An opportunity missed.

A mistake.

The Woman That Smiled is the first piece of fiction that I have released publicly.

This is a short story (about 10,000 words / 45 minutes read) that was initially inspired when a truly attractive woman smiled at me beautifully (and a little seductively I like to think), as she walked past me on a Berlin street. I personally didn’t react in that moment, other than to offer a vague smile back – I am happily married after all –  but it got me thinking about some potentially-interesting plot scenarios.

A 3-hour flight back home to Malaga proved to be an opportunity to hack out a premise and a first draft. I’m not one for romantic stories and happy endings, and hence the result was always likely to involve going somewhere quite dark. And it did.

I experimented with using multiple voices in this story despite it having really only one character. I would be very interested to hear what you make of how well I managed that.

Chapter one (a very short prologue) is provided to the left. If it catches your imagination and you would like to receive the rest of the story (for FREE naturally), please register to receive it in daily email episode

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