Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers,

I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a happy new year!

I’m going to cast aside memories of catching Covid, my two cats being killed, aborted trips to see close relatives and friends, a week-long wildfire that tore through our beautiful countryside not so long ago, and a few other low points of 2021.

Instead, I’m going to remain thankful for the continued health of all those I care about, remember the good moments (birthdays, a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, some fun times with my family and friends, and a great book release), and look forward to 2022.

I’m not one for resolutions, as such, but I am setting some personal goals for the coming year. These include

  • Losing 40 pounds
  • Significantly improving my Spanish
  • A research trip to Berlin, Germany
  • A family trip to Rhodes, Greece
  • A 25-year university reunion in Coventry, UK
  • Releasing my current novel (in May, with a bit of luck)
  • A few, fairly major home improvement projects

On top of that, I want to reach out to more of you guys and gals. I’m super-keen to learn more about what you like (or dislike) about any of my books, what you’d like more from me. I don’t take reader engagement lightly. I consider it an honor every time someone picks up one of my stories, let alone if they finish it and liked it.

My current novel (codenamed ‘Berlin 1946’) is progressing slowly but surely. There’s a lot of work ahead, but I’m confident it will be my best work yet. Stay tuned for more news on this and other topics.