My wife and I took a 4-day trip to Lisbon last week for our 21st wedding anniversary (it’s a 7-hour drive from where we live in Spain). What a wonderful city it is! It oozes history and character, the people were all super-friendly, their English was amazing, and the place was bedecked in Christmas lights. It is one of those rare things in Europe – a capital city that wasn’t flattened by bombs in WW2, and thus is able to transport you back in time on every street corner.

Now, other men might have been intent on ensuring their wife had a lovely anniversary, but not me, oh no. I decided I had to base a dark, WW2 spy thriller there, and came up with a plot in which many people will suffer and die. Because that’s what writers do!

But first I need to finish my current project, codenamed ‘Berlin 1946’ – a murder mystery set in war-devastated Berlin. More on that in future newsletters.